Product information

Composition: Calcium chloride; calcium sulphate; water; mono- and diglycerides derived from fatty acids, esterified with acetic acid.

Nutrients: Calcium 23%, moisture content 32%. One bolus capsule contains 45g of calcium, of which 34g is calcium chloride (76%) and 11g calcium sulphate (24%).

Storage:  Keep out of reach of children. The maximum storage temperature is +30°C.

Pack sizes: 4x200g, 20x200g, 100x200g

Manufacturer: FinnHoof, Zeus Tech Ltd, Piisitie 3 A, Fl-24910 Halikko As, Finland,,,


Instructions for use: A 4-capsule programme for cows at risk of developing milk fever. To be used for about two days.

1st capsule when the cow exhibits signs of calving.
2nd capsule immediately after calving.
3rd capsule 10–15 hours after calving.
4th capsule 1–2 days after calving.

Use of Calcium Bolus after injection therapy administered by a veterinarian.
1st capsule 2–5 hours after injection therapy.
2nd capsule 15–20 hours after injection therapy.

Warnings: Only for cows with a normal swallowing reflex. The product must not be administered to a cow that clearly exhibits signs of milk fever, nor to a lying cow with a poor swallowing reflex. Keep in a plastic tube until ready for use, as the product will easily absorb moisture. Use only a dispenser suitable for the purpose. Use only an intact Bolus capsule; a broken capsule can be harmful to the animal’s health. If necessary, consult a veterinarian or a feeding specialist.

To use the Calcium Bolus dispenser, follow these steps:

1. Install the straight end of the Calcium Bolus capsule inside the dispenser, leaving the round end visible.

2. Carefully place the dispenser deep in the cow’s throat by lifting the cow’s head so that its neck remains straight. You can feel that the cow is swallowing.

3. Release the Calcium Bolus capsule from the dispenser into the cow’s throat by pressing the dispenser’s handle. Gently pull the dispenser out of the cow’s throat. Avoid unnecessary use of force.